Our Story

The year was 2006. As career-hungry college grads, we had our eyes set on Wall Street, determined to find fortune and success. We soon realized, however, that our shot at becoming titans of the financial world came with a healthy dose of late nights, high stress and poor health choices. Our intense focus on our careers started to take priority over our health and personal lives, and we saw our colleagues struggling with the same balancing act. When we looked for resources to help us better juggle our work responsibilities with our life outside the office, we came up empty handed. It was that experience that led us to create a business devoted to helping young professionals excel at their jobs without letting their jobs control their lives.

A few life experiences and a market crash or two later, Goalminded was born.

Our Team

Alex Sherrington

A slightly obsessive (he prefers passionate) personality, Alex is known for his fervent allegiance to the Miami Dolphins, adoration of his dog Lucy, and completely useless knowledge of world flags. Most recently, he was the Director of Product Management at Medcan, the largest private health and wellness clinic in Canada. Previously, Alex worked as a healthcare-focused Investment Banking Analyst with Credit Suisse in New York and Private Equity Associate with Madison Dearborn Partners, a leading Chicago-based Private Equity firm. Alex completed an MBA at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management, where he was named the Outstanding Student for Health Enterprise Management, and received his BA from Cornell University.

Carson Brennan

Carson has a love for Top 40s Pop Hits, Boston sports teams and Top Gun memorabilia. He was formerly the Manager of Finance and Operations at EverTrue, a Software-as-a-Service based fundraising platform, where he was responsible for the Company’s financial and strategic processes. Previously, Carson was married to his Blackberry working for Madison Dearborn Partners, a leading Chicago Private Equity firm, and as a Financial Institutions Investment Banking Analyst at Morgan Stanley in New York. Carson received his AB from Brown University.